Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Resignation From the LDS Church: Letter From The COJCOLDS

In return for a letter - such as the one I posted last week - you get a return letter from Greg Dodge, Manager, Confidential Records of The COJCOLDS - saying the following:

Dear Brother (or Sister) So-and-So:

I have been asked to acknowledge your recent letter in which you request that your name be removed from the membership records of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

I have also been asked to inform you that the Church considers such a request to be an ecclesiastical matter that must be handled by local priesthood leaders before being processed by Church employees. Therefore, your letter and a copy of this reply are being sent to President "So and So" of the "Such and Such" Stake. He will have Bishop "So and So" of the "Such and Such" Ward contact you concerning the fulfillment of your request. 

In view of (this is the best part) eternal consequences of such an action, the Brethren urge you to reconsider your request and to prayerfully consider the enclosed statement of the First Presidency.


Greg W. Dodge

(very official looking, very big, signature of the Dodger)
Manager, Confidencial Records


  1. What was the “enclosed statement of the First Presidency”?

  2. It's a pamphlet titled "An Invitation" with a picture of the Christus statue on the front and a picture of The First Presidency on the inside.

    It says:

    "We reach out to members of the Church throughout the world in a spirit of love and brotherhood inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ.

    "Our interest and concern are always with the invidivual man or woman, boy or girl. Our great responsibility is to see that each is 'remembered and nourished by the good word of God' (Moroni 6:4). If any have been offended, we are sorry. Our only desire is to cultivate a spirit of mercy and kindness, of understanding and healing. We seek to follow the examle of our Lord, who 'went about doing good' (Acts 10:38)

    "To you who for any reason find yourselves outside the embrace of the Church, we say come back. We invite you to return and partake of the happiness you once knew. You will find many with outstretched arms to welcome you, assist you, and give you comfort.

    "The Church needs your strength, love, loyalty, and devotion. The course is fixed and certain by which a person may return to the full blessings of Church membership, and we stand ready to receive all who wish to do so."

    "Sincerely yours,

    Thomas S. Monson
    Henry B. Eyring
    Dieter F. Uchdorf

    The First Presidency

  3. A few thoughts on the pamphlet:

    First - it was a pretty lame attempt to invite people to come back. A fucking pamphlet!

    Next, the only reason it gives that somebody may leave the church is that they "were offended."

    Then it insinuates that you were once happy in the church, that you must not be happy outside the church, and that people are waiting to "comfort" you back in the church. They don't realize, or care to admit, that a lot of people were not happy in the church (which is why they left), and that life on the outside is much happier and authentic.

    Finally, the last paragraph is full of hubris, arrogance, and assumption when the FP states that "The course if fixed and certain" by which somebody can be saved, we have salvation to offer you, and you can come back and get it when you "wish to do so."


  4. I’m “offended” that my church, which professes to be of Jesus Christ, lies.

    That’s really the totality of my disaffection from Mormonism.

    For me now the TCHJCOLDS is an organization that pedals a form of Christianity for the purpose of monetary gain, fame for the leaders and power (which will result in accruing more money). And they will stoop to any level in order to advance this agenda. “Lying for the Lord” is absolutely acceptable while at the same time shamelessly and hypocritically stating: “We seek to follow the example of our Lord, who 'went about doing good'”. When the TCHJCOLDS resorts to lying they justify it with the old ‘hiding the Jew in the closet when the Nazi enters the room and asks, “Are you hiding a Jew in the closet?”’ scenario. Lying and perhaps even murder, just as Nephi murdering a drunk man was sectioned by the Mormon god.

    Is this the way in which Jesus -- the living Christ, God the Son, the God of Love and Truth, operates?

  5. I think the point is missed in this communication. The LDS church believes they offer the fullness of the gospel which provides a path to the celestial kingdom and wish for all to have the opportunity for this eternal glory. They believe that living a clean, family oriented life, with individuals realizing they are children of God with innate talents which can serve others and make the world a better place and build up the kingdom at the same time. The church also communicates that each person has their agency to choose the path they will take, the path they believe will make them the happiest. With each choices comes a consequence (some are good and some maybe not). So if you want to leave, then that is your God given choice - but this church has earthly protocols to follow before you have your name "blotted" from the records in heaven. So if you are serious about having your name removed, then do more than send a letter, go see your Bishop and make it so. Best wishes and a happy life to all.

  6. JustMe: thanks for your advice and well wishes. But this post is quite old. I officially resigned from the church about 3 years ago - after talking to the bishop, as you suggest, who is still a family friend. I understand how the church views itself and those who chose to resign. I simply disagree with their opinion and am much happier because I left. Best wishes.